All Will be Well Soon…


TLNC has survived the winds of Hurricane Irma with the help of its volunteers. Everyone pitched in to prepare TLNC for the hurricane by moving all important items from the museum to the Education Building. The snakes and turtles were also moved into the Education Building for protection during the storm. All survived well but we did learn that Gracie, our box turtle managed to escape the wading pool habitat we had for her and Mr. G. (We think she climbed on G to climb out.)

After the storm, none of the buildings were damaged. Water did flow across the entrance road and all trails were flooded. Limbs fell, some trees needed to be cut, and debris was all over. But, again, with the help of our volunteers we have gotten much of the area back into shape. We did have to removed very, very battered vegetation, clear trails and foot bridges and will need to repair our boardwalk where several trees fell on it.

Although hurricanes bring lots of extra work and can cause damage and terrible losses, they are still amazing natural events. Watching the fury on television or outside your window, shows you beauty and strength of nature through its water and wind.

All TLNC staff, board members, and volunteers hope you came out the other side of the hurricane with minimum damage and not too much inconvenience. Irma has certainly made me appreciate Florida’s first settlers and pioneers.


What’s Our Status?


Currently TLNC has no power, phone or internet. Until the power is turned on, Century Link our phone and internet provider will not be able to determine what our problems are.

We are hoping to have power next week. If our phone rings and rings then you will know we haven’t solved our communication problems.

Laurie Peterson is able to monitor her email and Facebook from home. Her email is

Eileen Tramontana is also trying to monitor email but doesn’t have access to anything at home. You should be able to contact her at 386-916-6834 (cell phone coverage was restored today at her home).

Trails are very wet and, in some cases, flooded but the waters are receding quickly. Our boardwalk must be repaired and dock completed before it can be re-opened.

We will begin work on the boardwalk repairs on Monday. You are welcome to join us. Events are cancelled and the property closed to visitors until we have electric. Hopefully early next week.

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Trout Lake Nature Center Hurricane Update

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