is to conserve and protect the natural environment and to educate the public about its importance.

About TLNC

The  Trout Lake Nature Center was created by the Oklawaha Audubon Society, also known as OVAS. In 1988, with the inclusion of donated land from the city of Eustis, Trout Lake Nature Center became a reality. In 1993, Charles Newell Hall opened as a museum and community meeting place for educational programs and special events.  TLNC began offering field trips to area schools in 1994. The response from the teachers, students, parents and administration was enthusiastic, leading TLNC to train volunteers as education instructors to guide children through TLNC’s programs.

Lake County schools realized the value of TLNC’s student programs, and once again, we responded. 1997 saw the dedication of the Environmental Education Center built with community support and a cooperative program of matching funds from the Lake County Parks and Recreation Department. Since then, the Charles Newell Museum and the Environmental Education Center have served Lake County as important parts of the Trout Lake Nature Center experience.

Every year TLNC makes improvements, large and small, such as updating our environmental education programs, cleaning and revamping of the diorama in the educational building and installation of the display cabinets in the museum.

Trout Lake Nature Center is proud of the generous support from our local sponsors. Their annual funding is the life blood for our Center and we are grateful to them.

Government Funders for 2014

2014 Grants

Trout Lake Nature Center applied for and received funds for specific purposes from the following organizations.

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