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Friday Night Naturalist: Going NEON At Trout Lake Nature Center Friday, Nov 16, 2018 at 6 PM

Nov 13, 2018

Going NEON presented by Guy Fausnaught, Battelle

The next presentation of the Trout Lake Nature Center’s (TLNC) Friday Night Naturalist series will be on Nov. 16 at 6 PM titled Going NEON presented by Guy Fausnaught, Battelle.

Data about what is happening in our world is essential to making decisions and planning a sustainable future. Gathering data is expensive, time-consuming and been cut from many budgets, so what do you do?

The National Science Foundation’s National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), operated by Battelle, is a network of 81 field sites across the continental U.S. that gathers sensor and field data from a diverse range of terrestrial and freshwater aquatic ecosystems. These sites are generating tremendous volumes of data, which will continue to grow as the remaining field sites come online.

This long-term, open access data collection program will enable scientists to better assess and understand how our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems are changing over time.

NEON has three field sites located at the University of Florida Ordway-Swisher Biological Station (one is focused on terrestrial ecosystems and the other two are located at lakes). A fourth Florida site is located at the Disney Wilderness Preserve, the data collected will focus on land use, climate change and ecosystem services to improve forecast models and resource management for environmental change.

Since 2017, Battelle has managed the NEON project. Their vision is to be a major force in science and technology discovery and innovative applications that have significant societal and economic impacts—to solve what matters most.

TLNC is located at 520 East CR 44, Eustis, FL. This program is free to attend but as a non-profit donations are always appreciated.


Note: The press is welcome to attend and should email tlnc.director@gmail.com in advance if attending.

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