Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer Dennis Renfro stocks fingerling bass into Lake Dora in Tavares on Wednesday, March 28, 2012. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel)

From the flash of their silvery bodies in tannin-colored waters to the glimpse of a bass as it jumps out of the water, most people are intrigued by fish.

Dennis Renfro, Fisheries Resource Manager for the Harris Chain of Lakes will be telling fish tales as part of the Friday Night Naturalist program on August 18 beginning at 6 PM. Some fishermen tend to exaggerate their fish stories but Renfro will be giving us the real facts.

Over his 36 year career, Renfro has delved into the mysteries of the largemouth bass and authored many publications on bass exploitation, dart tagging and coded micro-wire tagging. He will inform us about research into the out-of-season spawned largemouth bass stocked in Lake Apopka, the Sunshine bass of Lake Harris, the importance of aquatic vegetation, and even a phone ap for fishing/hunting license needs.

Where can freshwater fish be found? What do they eat? How do they live? Are our fish populations healthy and growing? What are the threats they face? Are there non-native fish that are impacting fish populations? How many fish can you catch? Do you need a fishing license? What can you do to help our native fish flourish?

According to the dictionary “to catch or try to catch a fish usually by using a net or hook and line is known as fishing”. Even if you don’t fish, this presentation will be loaded with fish tales. Get your fish questions answered or just learn about fish and their watery world.

The program is free of charge; donations are welcome to help support the not-for-profit nature center. For more information, emailtlncdirector@gmail.com or call 352.357.7536. The nature center is located at 520 East CR44 in Eustis.


About Trout Lake Nature Center

Trout Lake Nature Center, a 230-acre preserve in Eustis, is a not-for-profit corporation established in 1988. Our mission is to conserve and protect the natural environment and educate the public about its importance. For further information, visit us attroutlakenaturecenter.com or call 352-357-7536.

Photo:  Dennis Renfro stocking fish.

Getting Fishy by Dennis Renfro : Topic of Friday Night Naturalist Program-August 18 2017

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