Trout Lake Nature Center will observe Florida Archeology Month on Saturday, March 25, with a program entitled Technology from the Past and Citizen Science.

The program delves into ancient civilizations – how our ancestors lived, hunted, fished and survived in Central Florida and the technology they used in their lives.

The intriguing two-hour program, designed to appeal to both adults and children, will begin at 1:30 p.m. with a lecture at the nature center. The program will include outdoor field activities using ancient technology under the expert guidance of members of the Florida Public Archeology Network.

Participants will learn about application of the earliest technology: how fishing techniques evolved over thousands of years, what history lies in the construction of middens and burial mounds. They will explore the earliest building technology, which produced water-tight roofs, food storage structures, huts and fishing weirs.

Through the program’s activities, demonstrations and viewing of actual artifacts, participants will emerge with an understanding of how to explore the past through the eyes of an archeologist. They also will receive information on Lake County resources that will augment their knowledge of local archeology.

After the lecture portion, FPAN will begin a Citizen Science training to develop Heritage Monitoring Scouts. Scouts are trained to track changes to cultural and historical sites throughout Florida and Lake County caused by severe weather events like Hurricane Matthew, climate change, and human activities.

Heritage Monitoring Scouts is a program developed and managed by FPAN. Because knowing the past is so important to our future, Trout Lake Nature Center is partnering with FPAN to offer this special opportunity for citizens to become involved. Scouts can be adults, families or teenagers.

The program is free of charge; donations are welcome to help support the private, not-for-profit nature center. For more information or to sign up to become a Heritage Monitoring Scout at this training, email or call 352.357.7536. It is not necessary to pre-register to attend the lecture/presentation.

Study of Local Archeology Planned at Trout Lake Nature Center

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