Turtles, the folks who love them, and others who want to learn more about them will gather to celebrate Turtle Day at Trout Lake Nature Center on Sunday, April 9.

The event, which takes place from 1 to 3 p.m., also honors the amazing and endangered gopher tortoise.

Guests will visit the nature center’s resident turtles as well as guest specimens, which will include both aquatic and land-based turtles. Guest presenters include Carissa Kent, founder of Saving Florida’s Gopher Tortoises, which has saved thousands of gopher tortoises whose burrows were in the path of construction activities; Kim Titterington of Swamp Girl Adventures, who since the age of 14 has devoted her life to protecting Florida turtles and other wildlife; and Logan Heinzelman, amateur turtle fancier who will be accompanied by many of the aquatic turtles he has rescued, including sliders, chicken turtles and more.

In addition to the varied displays of live turtles and their habitats, a biologist and officer from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will be present with an exhibit of mounted specimens of turtles and other native wildlife.

Guests also may explore the nature center’s trails through varied habitats, including wetland and lakefront that are home to several species of turtles which, at this time of year, may be observed laying eggs near the trails.

There is no charge for the program; donations are welcomed to help support the work of the nonprofit nature center.

Turtles, Turtles Everywhere! Nature Center Plans Turtle Day Celebration

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