Become a member by printing and completing a membership form. Then, mail the completed form with your check or money order to: Trout Lake Nature Center, 520 CR 44, Eustis, FL 32726.

Membership Levels

Individual: $20.00

Family: $35.00

Organizational: $35.00 (for non-profits only)

Business/Professional: $100.00

Life: $1,000 (Life Members are permanently displayed on a plaque at TLNC)

Memberships should be renewed annually.

Membership Services

* All members receive a copy of the newsletter either electronically or by mail (if requested).
* New members are published in the TLNC Quarterly Newsletter.




Become a Sustaining Sponsor by printing and completing a form. Then, mail the completed form with your check or money order to: Trout Lake Nature Center, 520 CR 44, Eustis, FL 32726.

Sponsors help TLNC keep its programs viable and maintain its facilities and habitats. Become a sponsor of Trout Lake Nature Center.

Sponsorship Levels

Kingfisher: Amount less than $500 each year for five years

Hawk: $500 each year for five years for a total of $2,500

Osprey: $1,000 each year for five years or a total of $5,000

Eagle: Any amount more than $1,000 each year for five years.

Sustaining sponsors receive:

* A listing on the TLNC Website (under Funder Tab) with a link
* Copy of the TLNC quarterly newsletter
* Copy of the TLNC Annual Report
* Invitation to the Annual Funders Breakfast
* Name added to the Donors Board in the lobby of the Education Building at TLNC

2014 Tax Return                         2014 Schedule A                             2014 Schedule C

2014 Schedule D                        2014 Schedule O



Trout Lake Nature Center was founded by volunteers and continues to rely on volunteers for most of its activities. We welcome new helpers and there are a lot of activities to choose from. Thorough hands-on training is provided.


To volunteer at TLNC, please contact Eileen at 352-357-7536 .
Please also become a member if you can. 
Committees are an important way TLNC organizes to get the work done. To get involved and make a difference, join a committee. Committee chairs are:* Building and Development: Ron Macfarlane
* Education: Trina Raether
* Finance: Ron Macfarlane
* Habitat: Lavon Silvernell
* Hospitality: Sharon Hillebrandt
* Maintenance/Landscape: Morris Pelham
* Membership: Nadine Foley and Donna Kelley
* Museum: Vacant
* Newsletter: Margie Sigman
* Programs: Eileen Tramontana
* Safety: Morris Pelham
* Website and Social Media: Laura Williams

Brief descriptions of each committee are provided to help you decide where your skills could help the most and where you might want to get involved.

Building and Development

This committee looks at how the property is and should be developed. Currently, it is working to have the entrance road reconfigured and additional parking spaces added, and to finish the development of a Science Studies Classroom with outdoor education space and offices.


This committee works to develop education programs for youth and adults. It helps to develop training for TLNC Education Volunteers and materials for teaching. Members of this committee develop grants for funding TLNC education.


Working with finances takes patience and meticulous care but is vitally important for any non-profit. If you have an interest in this type of activity, consider joining this committee.


A healthy habitat is essential to a viable and sustainable ecosystem. This committee works to improve TLNC’s habitat by removing exotics, creating open spaces or meadows, planting species to add to the land’s diversity, and more.


Members of this committee help with providing snacks, serving food and other tasks to welcome guests and visitors to TLNC programs and events. They also maintain dining/serving supplies and keep the kitchen area organized. This committee is the group that adds that special touch.


Keeping things running and in working order is a large task but, is so needed. This committee manages the landscape around the building and entry way, grades the roads, fixes the toilets, builds kiosks and 101 different things. If you like working with your hands or have carpentry, painting, or construction skills, then this is the committee for you.


To keep any non-profit healthy, its membership needs to continually grow and expand. This committee works to get new members and keep existing members. They welcome new members, notify old members when renewals are due and much, much more.


The natural history museum provides an opportunity for visitors to see examples of Central Florida wildlife. Live “critters” such as turtles, toads and snakes are kept in the museum for use with education programs and for visitors to view. This committee helps with maintaining and improving exhibits, signage and telling the interpretive story.

Currently, the chair position is vacant so we are looking for someone to lead the committee and who has an  interest in exhibits, telling stories about Florida wildlife, has a little bit of creativity and a flair for decorating.


Communicating with members, volunteers and the community is so important. This committee develops and prepares TLNC’s quarterly newsletter for mailing. Do you like to write, have you done a newsletter before or are just willing to sort addresses to meet the US Postal Services’ bulk mail requirements? Then, join this committee.


Interesting and engaging programs are what TLNC is known for. This committee helps to find good speakers and programs for the Friday Night Naturalist and other events conducted by TLNC. Join if you know good speakers or just have an interest in having topics added to TLNC upcoming programs.


Having people using the facilities and trails at TLNC requires a vigilant eye to spot any safety hazards. This committee develops a schedule to walk the trails, visit the buildings and picnic shelter, check out the roadway and entry to spot any safety concerns such as tree roots that could cause tripping, nails sticking up on boardwalks, etc.

Website and Social Media

Are computers and technology your forte? Do you like to write, take photos or videos? Then, help us to improve our website, contribute to our Facebook page and help develop other social media connections. We hope this committee will expand TLNC’s web presence and help get the word out through the many different social networks and business sites such as Google Maps, and Meet-up.