What is a fairy house? They are small structures that fairies, gnomes and woodland creatures live in. Fairies are nature lovers and environmentalists. They live lightly on the earth. Their houses are built sustainably, using natural and dropped materials, to blend into the habitats where they live.
How to Build:  Use your inner child or work with your children to create a fairy or gnome house. You mix imagination, whimsy and natural materials to create a structure a fairy would love to live in. Let your imagination go, build a house and bring your creation to the Trout Lake Nature Center between Nov. 10 and noon on Nov. 13th. All houses will be judged in the afternoon of the 13th and then placed along TLNC trails for viewing by the public until Dec. 5th.

Click here for more information on building your house and the Challenge.

Cost:  Free except businesses are asked to pay a $25 ‘impact’ fee.
Little Sprites (Age 8 and under and family)
Sprites (Age 9 to 18 and family)
Non-profit, organizations or clubs