Walking in the woods is enjoyable and many of us are getting outside for both our physical and mental health but it can get boring to walk the same area or trails day after day. To help make each walk at the Trout Lake Nature Center an adventure or to give your walk purpose, we have scattered six stone critters in the woods off our trails. See if you can find these “critters.”

Some of the stone critters are easier to find than others. To find all six critters you need to walk all the trails. Three are differently painted foxes (red, silver and grey with the grey representing the native fox for Florida). Three critters are differently painted raccoon families.

When you find a “critter,” take a snapshot and post to your social media or email to [email protected] as proof of your find. Can you find all six critters? Periodically they will be moved around our trails so you can return for a nature hunt over and over.

In addition to our trails being open, our Education Building with exhibits is open but masks are required to be worn. Also staff and volunteers give pop-up nature presentations using our Education Ambassadors (turtles and snakes), aquariums and exhibits. Presentations are limited to small groups of no more than 10 with appropriate physical distancing. When visiting, ask if you would like a pop-up for your group.

Trout Lake Nature Center is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM. It is located at 520 East CR 44, Eustis. Admission is free but donations are an important part of paying for our costs.