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“What kind of snake is this?” is a question many locals and visitors ask, many with concerns of safety or just general fear. Bringing accurate, accessible snake identification via online technology is the mission of SnakeSnap and its founder, Eustis native Jacob Compton. “Snake Identification” will be the topic of Trout Lake Nature Center’s monthly Friday Night Naturalist program on November 15 at 6 PM.

Compton has witnessed the growth in this area that has led to the destruction of snake habitat and increasing human/snake encounters. Snakes are unnecessarily killed due to a lack of knowledge of their habitats, behavior and benefit to the ecosystems. He, along with a team of herpetologists and naturalists, has developed the SnakeSnap app for smartphones that can identify snakes via photo and classify them as venomous or harmless as well as other information. Compton will present the technology, along with the worldwide response, that could aid in easy identification in real time, reducing the burden on first responders and educating the public.