As many of you know, we are in compliance with Florida’s Stay At Home Order. Our buildings are closed, but our trails and outdoor space remain open for walking. We ask that you maintain the recommended six feet of space between you and others not in your family. We do have a staff member on site if needed. Sign-in is not necessary at this time. We have a self-service rack out on the portico if you want a trail map or our guide to the numbered nature information for the Haselton Trail or a new challenge called Take A Closer Look! Get the flyer in the rack and see how well you know TLNC by answering the questions. All answers can be found by reading the map, looking at our outdoor information kiosks and observing other outdoor features. It’s a fun challenge for all ages and can add to a first visit or a repeat one.

Here’s the questions, the answers are at the end of this post, so don’t peek until you have tried it!

  1. How long can a gopher tortoise live?
  2. How many types of marine (sea) turtles are there on the sign?
  3. Can you spot the snapping turtle? (usually under the bark shelf)
  4. At the start of the Haselton Trail, there is a big sign or kiosk. What are three things people can do to help the TLNC?
  5. At the juncture of the Haselton and Lazy Oak trails is a kiosk with trail camera photos. How many turkeys are on the kiosk?
  6. What is the name of the shaded benches on the boardwalk?
  7. What is the bench on the Armadillo Trail made from?
  8. How many wind chimes are hanging on the Celebration Oak?
  9. What is the estimated age of the Grandfather Oak?
  10. What trail has information about invasive species and what you can do?
  11. According to the sign and life ring, what is the main purpose of the TLNC dock?
  12. What is the name of the lake that Trout Lake empties into?
  13. What is the name of the first plant you see in the Butterfly Garden?
  14. What is the purpose of the tall box under the dragonfly sculpture?
  15. On the Turpentine kiosk what is the name of the bucket that collects the sap? Did you find an example of one nearby?
  16. What is a tallywacker?


  1. Up to 80 years
  2. Five
  3. Donate, become a member, volunteer
  4. Ten
  5. Dragonfly Point
  6. Wood
  7. Six
  8. 150
  9. Adventure
  10. Education
  11. Lake Eustis
  12. Tropical Sage
  13. A nest box for solitary bees and wasps
  14. Herty pot
  15. Overseer of turpentine process