Grandfather Oak at Trout Lake Nature Center, Eustis, Fl.

Memorial Donations

Donations can be made at any time to recognize someone who has been important in your life. Your donation will be used to fund our programs, facilities upkeep and operations or may be designated for a specific purpose. Contact [email protected] to learn more about how your donation can be made.

Another way to recognize a person or event in your life is to purchase a wind chime that is placed on our Celebration Oak. Or place a chime to celebrate a life event such as a birth, anniversary or retirement. Chimes are used in other cultures to remember someone who died or an event. Each time the chime rings, it brings back memories of the person, event or occasion while making beautiful sounds.

Note:  Wildlife observations have been made and these chimes do not affect the movement of wildlife at the Trout Lake Nature Center.

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