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Join us to hunt for mushrooms and learn about this incredible fungi. Mushrooms can be found throughout Florida’s woodlands and serve special functions to our ecosystems and forests. The visible mushrooms are the fruit of an intricate underground network that communicates between the fungi, trees and ecosystem like a nature internet.

This workshop covers species identification (toxic and nontoxic), human use (edible/medicinal), collection/preservation techniques and fun facts.

Jon Martin aka Fungi Jon is a mycologist, teacher and photographer from Central Florida passionate about wild mushrooms. Through relatable, practical, and witty ways of instructing, he inspires others to dive into the world of mycology and explore nature intentionally. From their significant role on our planet, to their beauty and potential in bioremediation and medicine, Jon is inspired by mushrooms and spends as much time as possible in wilderness getting to know their many forms.
Cost:  $30 TLNC members, $40 Non-members
To Register:  http://www.universe.com/mushroomsept2019