Grandfather Oak at Trout Lake Nature Center, Eustis, Fl.

Grants and Donors

The Trout Lake Nature Center depends on the generosity of individuals, businesses and group to maintain its facilities, staff and programs but to also improve each year as the demand for nature-based education grows. In addition to our Sustaining Sponsors and Capital Building Fund Donors, we would like to recognize the following for supporting us either monetarily or through in-kind donations in the past year.

You can find us on

Florida Natural Growers Foundation
Mount Dora community Trust Grant

Businesses and Organizations
Affinity Tech Solutions
Alachua Conservation Trust
Amazing Race for Charity
Artisan Laser Guild
Beautyberry Chapter Fl. Native Plant Society
Central Florida Community Foundation
Cherry Lake Tree Nursery
City of Eustis
Civil Engineering Solutions
Duct Man
ERA Grizzard Realty
Fl. Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Front Porch Realty

Front Porch Realty
Harbor Shores HOA
Haywood Trust
Hiers-Baxley Funeral Homes
Howard Trust
Island Breeze Creations
Lake Beautyberry Chapter of the Native Plant Society
Lake County Commission
Lake County Water Authority
Lake Eustis Chamber of Commerce
Lowe’s of Mt. Dora
Charles B. and Mary M. McLin Foundation
Mt. Dora Community Trust

Mt. Dora’s Woman’s Club
Merrill Insurance
My Favorite Things
Orange Blossom Gardens Lion Club
PAWS Therapy Dogs
Pacqo Inc.
PC Planet
Promise Habitat Services
Shipton Computers
Solar Cooperative
Swamp Girl Adventures
TLNC Family Care Home
Tony’s Artistic Taxidermy
United Southern Bank

Randa Anderson
Betty Ball
Ellen Bedgood
Dee Bender
Vernon and Joan Bond
Jerry and Lisa Brown
William Buczek
Catherine Caine
Charles Calhoun
Sue and Mike Campbell
William and Marianna Church
Barbara Clanton
John and Sue Clarke
Pete Condi
John Cunningham
David Crosby
Janet Davis
Joanne Davis
Lynn and Diane Davis
Dorothy Davis Smith
Robin Delaney
Edward DiGiovanni Jr.
John Dillon
Maria Distefano
Jacqueline and Jacob Dutko
Charlene Edwards
Norma and James Emerson
Robert and Jeanine Feldman
Jim and LaMerle Flach
Nadine FoleyKenji and Shirley Fukui
Barbara Gherardi

Bernie Greenberg
Robert Harris
Carol Hawk
George and Eileen Helms
Barbara Howell
Carmen Hozven
Taylor Jones
Judith Ginzinski
Margaret Keating
Donna and Rick Kelley
Jeanette and Paul Kelly
Joel Kelly
Cheryl and Dennis Kirst
George Koutsakis
Dr. Robert Ladley
Margie Lamb
Nancy LaPointe
Margie LaRoe
Joanne and Jay Lesswing
Joan Luisi
Naomi Lundy
Abby McKay
Larry and Gail Melgary
Kathryn Mennella
Jan and Margaret Millen
Frank Miller, Jr.
Mary Ellen and Bill Milton
Barbara Mirando
Stan and Mary Ann Napier
Steven and Alexandra Mockus
Bill and Diann O’Connor

Terry Oldham
Morris and Peggy Pelham
Michael Pergola
James and Kim Pine
John and Susan Porter
Andrea Purdon
Arthur Rath
Janeane Reagan
Jane and Tom Reich
Robin and Joseph Richter
Gerry Rutland
Fred and Geri Sewards
John and Janice Simpson
Mary Ellen Smith
Martin and Barbara Stanley
Lori Staudt
Scott Stearns
Clyde Stephens
Jane Stoothoff
Marsha Straughan
Rep. Jennifer Sullivan
Ellen and Ronal Thomley
Robert Tolliver
Bill Tramontana
Marcia Turner
Sandra Uechi
Trina Varns
Mary Vaughan
Terry Verity
Thomas Vizzi
William and Diane Wagner