Education is vital

This past year 6,800 students participated in our Environmental Education Programs

Educational Programs

We offer a variety of programs year-round to help our visitors learn more about the wildlife, ecosystems and the flora and fauna of the Central Florida region.
We provide an extensive list of programs that are available to school groups, children, families and the community.


School Programs

The original education programs for PreK to 5th grade were developed with the assistance of Lake County science teachers. All school education programs are correlated to current Florida education science standards and are continually updated to meet these changing standards. These  programs provide students with a unique learning experience that is different for each grade-level. To learn more about the School Programs please go to the For Teachers page.

Specialized Programs

TLNC has developed specialized lessons that can be used by a variety of youth groups. These programs are both fun and educational and are adapted for use by scout troops, 4-H groups, and Boys and Girls clubs. They can also be used for special events, such as birthday and holiday parties.

3,965 adults and families participated in our Environmental Education Programs in the past year

Adult Programs

We offer a number of learning opportunities geared towards the adult learner. Expert lecturers come to the Trout Lake Nature Center to share their knowledge in fields, such as water resources, sustainability, insects, wildlife and more. Topics are presented in an exciting and understandable way to help people learn about Florida’s natural resources.

A variety of programs are offered yearly for families to participate in hands on learning. Geared for both children and adults, it provides a chance to learn while enjoying family activities. Some of our family programs are:

Family Naturalist: Trout Lake Nature Center will now offer a Saturday Family Naturalist series designed to provide fun and learning for ages 6 and up. The program starts with brief background information on the monthly topic and followed by a walk to discover bugs, moths, butterflies, plants and more. See our calendar for dates and more information.

Lights in the Woods: 

Family Programs