Grandfather Oak at Trout Lake Nature Center, Eustis, Fl.


Nature Scavenger Hunts

Learning to look at nature more closely or differently can teach a person many things. Try using one of these scavenger hunts to enhance your walk in the woods. They can be used as a teaching aid or developed into a learning worksheet for the classroom. Or, just plain used for fun.


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Seed Dispersal Hunt

In Florida, any time of the year is a good time to look for seeds but, in the Spring, you will often find a variety of seeds such as pine, Spanish needle, spiderwort, salt bush and more. Learn about the adaptations used by plants to have their seeds spread across the landscape from hitchhiking to parachuting.

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Springtime Hunt

Spring time is a special time of the year when things are blooming, animals are looking for mates, birds are nesting and trees are putting out new leaves. See how many indications of spring you can find.

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