Grandfather Oak at Trout Lake Nature Center, Eustis, Fl.

Social Giving

Just as social media has changed how we live and interact, it is now transforming the way many of us give. Raising funds through social media networks is so popular it has been given a name—social giving.

We live in a digital age. We are able to communicate and access information about people and events all over the world. Social giving, which uses the digital connections you gain support for causes that matter to you.

Social giving could include:

  • Sponsoring a peer in an event such as the Amazing Race for Charity
  • Participating in a challenge campaign (i.e. No Shave Movember)
  • Setting up a Facebook birthday fundraiser
  • Setting up or participating in a crowd funding
  • Taking part in Giving Tuesday or the Lake County Giving Week Challenge
  • Consider participating in social giving to support the Trout Lake Nature Center.

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