Support & Donations

4,649 adults and families participated in our Environmental Education Programs in the past year

Due to our popularity and the need to provide more programs, a capital building campaign is underway. We plan to construct a new natural history museum to replace the aging double-side trailer museum, add classrooms, smaller meeting spaces, outdoor bathrooms and improved parking and infrastructure.

To support these efforts please donate for the building campaign.

Capital Building Fund

Memorial Donations

Donations can be made at any time to recognize someone who has been important in your life. Your donation will be used to fund our programs, facilities upkeep and operations or may be designated for a specific purpose. Contact [email protected] to learn more about how your donation can be made. Another way to recognize a person or event in your life is to purchase a wind chime that is placed on our Celebration Oak. Chimes are used in other cultures to remember someone who died. Each time the chime rings, it brings back memories of the person, event or occasion while making beautiful sounds. Call 352-357-7536 to learn more about this program.

You can leave a long-lasting legacy by remembering the Trout Lake Nature Center (TLNC) with a gift from your estate. TLNC encourages supporters to consider leaving bequests or gifts after your death to TLNC as part of your overall financial and/or estate planning.

Bequests may be complex and you should involve the input of your attorney and/or financial advisor.


Endowment Fund

Established by our Board of Directors to develop a sustainable funding source for the Trout Lake Nature Center. It began with a simple bequest to the Trout Lake Nature Center. As with all endowment funds, donations and bequests are placed into the endowment fund and protected so they will grow. When the fund becomes large enough, the interest created will be used to fund operations and programs becoming a more reliable source of long-term funding. Donating to the Endowment Fund is an excellent way to make a lasting contribution to the Trout Lake Nature Center.

Special Note:
Keep in mind that a donation to the Trout Lake Nature Center can be made by check or by donating securities that have appreciated in value.
You are encouraged to contact our office regarding any of these donor opportunities.